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Professional Esthetician & Skin Care Expert

Lana Narodetsky

Professional Beautician

Lana Narodetsky

Lana Narodetsky is an esthetician with 25 years of experience in Spa industry. She specializes in treating acne and aging skin problems. Her extensive experience in skin care sets herself apart and she is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to delivering top quality service. Lana believes the product and machines she uses can help anyone feel better about themselves. While working as an esthetician in one of premier salons in Cleveland area, Lana realized that her talent goes beyond facials and face massages. After receiving her Certification in Micropigmentation, Lana started offering Permanent makeup and Micro-needling services as part of her growing beauty service offerings.

Lana's Services



This epidermal leveling treatment will exfoliate and remove excess facial hair. Treatment is followed by an Oxygen mask or Face Lift mask


Rejuvapen – Micro needling device used to treat acne scars, lines, wrinkles and to improve skin texture and tighten the skin.


Designed to replenish the levels of oxygen in your skin, smoothing out wrinkles and restoring a youthful appearance to your face.


Permanent eyeliner can enhance sparse lashes or give more definition to light or faded lashes. Because it doesn’t smear, it is ideal for athletes, contact lens wearers, women who are plagued by make-up that always smudges.


Full body waxing provides weeks of smooth, healthy skin. Performed by professionals is much more comfortable than pretty much any other hair removal option – and the process is a quick one.


Pain-free method of stimulating the skin by infusing active ingredients into the upper layers of epidermis. This is done using microscopic Nano-Needling tips that are thinner than a human hair